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Dimensions: Width 67cm, Height 67cm, Depth 20cm

Structure: Linear polyethylene, white translucent, weather resistant + unbreakable

Illumination: LED white 4000-4500 Kelvin or multi colour 6500 Kelvin, 16-72 Watt max. depending of model, Power supply IN: 100-240 Volt AC, 50-60

Illumination available:
LED white, 4000 - 4500 KelvinLED-RGB illumination with remote control
LED-RGB illumination with remote control and battery + charger. Charging time 4 hours, operating time 6 hours, 500 cycles
LED-RGB DMX illumination with remote control (WIFI Access Point needed) 
LED-RGB DMX illumination with remote control and accu + charger. Charging time 4 hours, operating time 6 hours, 500 cycles (WIFI Access Point needed)

Remote Control: Reach 10-15 Meters 
Protection class: IP65

Cable supply: 3 Meters

Ideal for the use in indoor and outdoor area Very suitable for professional use in restaurants and offices UVI-resistant. Factor UV8, equal to 8,000 hours of sunshine in Florida Resistant to temperatures (-60ºC to +80ºC) Shock and wear resistant. 100% reusable

Available accessories: DMX Wireless Home WIFI Access Point

DMX Home WIFI is an Acces Point through which you can control all VONDOM products with an IOS or Andriod tablet or smartphone. You can create individual and special environments. Control the entertainment lighting of each Vondom product, such as Furniture, planters and lights individually or in a group. We are happy to advise you in detail, call us!

NOTE: LAVA can also be fixed on the ceiling. A supsension kit for the indoor area can be ordered separately.

Design: Karim Rashid

LAVA is a hilly, like a cloud looking garden bench. Its shape creates a natural, pleasant and relaxing meeting place in your garden.

The garden bench is weatherproof and UV resistant. It is available in different colors and optional illuminated with energy-saving lamps or LED.

Material PE:
- Material: LLDPE Resin. Low density linear polyethylene. UL94 HB.
- Process: Rotational Moulding.
- Resistant to UVI. Fattore UV8, equivalent to 8.000 hours of Florida sunLight.
- Resistant to extreme temperatures (-60ºC to + 80ºC) / ( -76ºF to 176ºF)
- Shock Resistant.
- Light weight
- The planters are easily drilled to make drain holes.
- Recyclable 100%.

- LED lighting system.
- Color charge by remote control.
- Three color combinations: warm white 2700 Kelvin / natural white 4000 Kelvin / cold white 6500 Kelvin
- 100-240 Volt ˜ 50-60Hz
- 350-400 Lumen
- IP65
- 15 Watt A+
- Long lasting.
- LED lighting system.
- Color charge by remote control.
- Color charge: Nine color and three white combinations: warm white / natural white / cold white,  yellow / orange / red / lilac / purple / darkblue / lightblue / darkgreen / lightgreen
- Dimmer
- 100 - 240 Volt ˜ 50-60Hz
- 350 - 400 Lumen
- IP65
- 15 Watt
- Long lasting.
- LED lighting system.
- Color charge: Nine color and three white combinations: warm white / natural white / cold white,  yellow / orange / red / lilac / purple / darkblue / lightblue / darkgreen / lightgreen
- Waterproof include: Clase IPX8. 2 meters
- Charger(included) Input 100 - 240 Volt, AC - 50-60 Hz 150mA / Output 4,2 Volt, DC 250 mA
- Battery (included): Li-Ion 3,7 Volt, 700mAh
- Autonomy: 5-6 houres

DMX 512 (Digital Multiplex) is a protocol used for the electronic control for entertainment lighting, enabling communication between the table-control, their own lights and light sources.
You can create customized and special environments. Allow to control every Vondom product independently or in groups.

Vondom DMX Wireless Home Wi-Fi Pack is a WI-FI access point to control all LED RGB VONDOM items with your IOS or Android devices.
1* DMX Wireless Standard Configuration. We will preset three separately Family products: PLANTERS, LAMPS & FURNITURE.
2* DMX Wireless Customized Configuration You can send us your customized requirements in order to control individually each item/group and we will set it up. (Max. 8 rooms).
Vondom DMX Wireless Professional XLR you can control all LED RGB VONDOM pieces with your Mix Tables, PC+software, Domotic panels, etc.
1* DMX Wireless Standard Configuration. We will preset three separately Family products: POTS, LAMPS & FURNITURE.
2* DMX Wireless Customized Configuration. You can send us your customized special environment that you want to control independently and we will set it up.

Bluetooth Sound System:
Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to the built in speakers.
- Sound systems 150 Watt Dual component.
- Bluetooth Ready.
- Input: AUX Jack 3,5 mm.
- USB Charger for portable gadget - Output 5V== 1500mA

Table Tops:
Solid Surface is a solid surface made of long lasting resins and mineral fillers. It is maintenance free and has a maximum resistance to scratches and stains. This board has the ISO 19172 certification, which ensures its highest quality.
HPL tabletops are made out of paper layers agglutinated with thermoset resins of Melamine-Formaldehyde on the surface and Phenol-Formaldehyde inside. Everything is pressed at high temperature and pressure. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
10 mm. Security temperate glass.

Vondom Outdoor Furniture cleans easily and stays impeccable.
Keep furniture away from sources of dust to keep it clean. In the case of required cleaning, it is recommended the use of pressure washers, such as KARCHER machines and/or domestic degreasing cleaner periodically. Never use abrasive or corrosive products.
1. Spray the degreaser over the dirty surface.
2. Rub it with a damp cloth.
3. Rinse with abundant water with pressure washer. Cautions! Don't use pressure washer for cushions and lacquered finish items.
4. Dry it outside and enjoy your products.

To preserve the product, it is recommended to use a VONDOM cover for every item. For lacquered products, it is recommended to use car wax every 2 or 3 months, as it will avoid the appearance of possible scratches.

HANDLING AND CARE VONDOM covers are impermeable and resist water, oil and dirt functioning to protect the furniture. They are not recommended as a permanent cover for cushions, as moisture may collect and lead to the formation of mold stains. Furniture and cushions should be thoroughly dry before using the covers. Please note that the covers are especially tailored to your furniture item and precise placement is required. In order to increase the circulation of air and avoid the formation of condensation, the covers are not made to floor length. Never pack or fold covers that have become wet; instead, let them dry in a wellventilated place. Use a soft cloth and warm water to clean the covers, using a gentle upholstery cleaner if necessary. Rinse with clear water. Solvents are not suitable for cleaning the covers as these are aggressive to the surface and may cause damage and discoloration.

Outdoor Rugs:
The dirt must be eliminated by a short sprinkling or with a simple cleaning with a hose. To avoid the squashing of the fibres, it should be brushed against the nap so that the fibres recover their vertical position.

Polyethylen matt

Polyethylen mat

Polyethylen glänzend lackiert

Polyethylen glossy lacquered


Carpet colors

Farben Stapelstühle

Polypropylene Chairs

VELA Daybed Rahmenfarben

VELA Frame-Color Pergola

Bezugfarben Vinyl Zander

Upholstery Vinyl Nautic

Bezugfarben Vinyl Silvertex

Upholstery Vinyl Silvertex

Bezugfarben Kinnasand

Upholstery Kinnasand
(only indoor!)

Bezugfarben Batyline

Fabric ceiling Batyline

Color and material samples can be shipped to you free of charge, if desired. The return shipment for an insured package needs to be taken over by the customer – In case of a purchase we return the return shipment costs in full. We kindly ask to return the color and material samples within 2 weeks, in order to offer the same service to other customers.