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Color Serralunga

Plate for fixing to the ground
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Aussenmaße  ca.: Ø 70cm, Höhe 58cm

Pflanztiefe ca.: Ø 58cm, Tiefe 51cm

Material: Polyethylen, durchgefärbt, wetterbeständig und unzerbrechlich

Lieferbare Farben wahlweise: Siehe Farbpalette
Clean Fighter Oberfläche - Einfachste Reinigung der Oberfläche dank neuer Versiegelung Video
Einwandiges Pflanzgefäß
Geeignet für den Einsatz im Indoor und Outdoor-Bereich
Sehr geeignet für den professionelllen Einsatz in Gastronomie und Büro
Widerstandsfähig gegenüber Temperaturen (-60ºC bis +80 ºC)
Stoß- und verschleißfest. 100% wiederverwendbar

Lieferbares Zubehör: 3 Stück Bodenbefestigungsplatten aus Edelstahl Aisi 316 als Diebstahlschutz

Plantpot CUP from Serralunga 1825:

New paradigms. Inspired by ancient wooden bowls. A clean simple and discreet design that already has the making of a classic.


The constant research for innovation brought Serralunga to the realization of a new blend for the cleaning of design furniture: Clean Fighter.

Clean Fighter, a novelty introduced at Salone del Mobile, is an innovative compound that allows a rapid and simple cleaning of furniture, outdoor planters and design complements Serralunga: less time dedicated to the housekeeping with the slightest effort.

Clean Fighter, thanks to its versatility of use, besides being part of new collections of outdoor planters, outdoor furniture and design complements, it has been inserted also in some collections of the current catalogue. Its strong points are the ability to adapt to different complexity of shapes. 

See the video

Serralunga’s 1825 collection revolutionized the concept of garden furniture by being focused on innovation, since five generations of experience.

Born out of a desire to combine a knowledge of traditional values with cutting edge highly contemporary concepts, the initial product line was conceived with the precise aim of introducing the pot as a decorative element, in fact for the first time, the simple flower holder has been admired in terms of its aesthetic value. Over the years, this trend was developed in line with new materials, technologies and aesthetics: the illuminated pots illustrate this evolution considering their lifestyle concept able to enhance different surroundings.

The collection today, reinforced by Serralunga’s indisputable quality, uses the talent of many well known designers, and is extended to the field of interior design. Furnishing accessories therefore become focused on a constant aesthetic renewal, making the 1825 collection even more exclusive and unique.


     Polyethylen mat

Polyethylen glossy lacquered

  Polyethylen metallic



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