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Maße ca.: Länge 600cm, Breite 600cm, Höhe 350cm

Struktur: Stahl und Aluminium, weiss pulverbeschichtet

Abdeckung: Gummiertes PVC-Netz mit verdeckten Verankerungen zur Struktur

Bodenstand wahlweise:
4 x Bodenbefestigungsplatte aus Edelstahl Ø 50cm
4 x Bodenhülse aus Edelstahl zum einbetonieren

Lieferbare Farben wahlweise: Siehe Farbpalette

Abdeckung trägt Schneehöhe bis 20cm
2 seitlich integrierte Wasserabläufe
Sehr geeignet für den professionelllen Einsatz
Widerstandsfähig gegenüber Temperaturen (-60ºC bis +80 ºC)
Stoß- und verschleißfest. 100% wiederverwendbar
Hervorragende mechanische Eigenschaften

Design: by Myyour with Simone Micheli

Elegant and evocative as a sail, easy to carry, easy to install: Kite is the ideal place to host a party in the garden, for outdoor
restaurants, for clubs of any kind. It is distinguished by its characteristic design with only two side by side slopes, with a particular geometry, which hides under the elegance, the functionality of only two discharge water points. The structure is light,
in aluminium and steel, but with volumetric importance determined by the thickness of the uprights. It can be fixed to the ground with the provide plates. The cover is made of nautical PVC coated tent, with all anchors to structure hidden. The LED lighting is focused on the inner tent for better light diffusion.

Design and technology are not the only factors that make the difference in Myyour products: also because, as far as the materials are concerned, this company, which is based in Padua, Italy, is able to fully express itself thanks to a new and special type of polyethylene called Poleasy. Poleasy was developed after long years of research. In fact our research was focused on finding a way to eliminate the microporous surfaces that are responsible for the formation of anti-aesthetic patinas or cracks over
time. Poleasy, an exclusively international patent, has entirely solved this problem by ensuring compactness to the surfaces of Myyour’s creations and a better performance in terms of durability, washability and color brightness.

At Myyour, the rotational molding of polyethylene goes beyond the purely technical aspect. It becomes a process that is
strongly connected to the best traditions of craftsmanship. It is here that man, hands and time encounter the ancient gestures and rhythms that enable them to act intelligently and in synergy with machines as to attain perfection. The skillful blend of powders, the rotation of the molds, which rotate for almost an hour to favor the creation of an appropriate thickness, the hot
extraction process of the manufactured item and its dimensional stabilization, which is obtained through custom made templates, are all very slow and delicate phases of the process. These phases are scrupulously and skillfully managed to prevent errors from cropping up. The product is finished manually before finally being blazed to create a smooth and shiny creation.

This goal seemed almost impossible to attain a few years ago. Today, coating polyethylene has become a wonderful reality: dense and compact, smooth and almost metallic-like... it embellishes and greatly impacts Myyour products. This was made
possible thanks to the scientific research, tests and experiments that brought to light the right formula. We have now obtained a primer that of plastic and to ensure a durable application on smooth surfaces and without ever having to drill a hole. After applying this unique background layer, each piece is carefully sanded by hand: three careful coatings are sprayed on the product and a trip to the oven does the rest. All of this contributes to the much desired and beautiful colors of Myyour, which are weather resistant and able to remain intact over a long, long period of time.

The founding pillars of the Myyour philosophy are the surprising stateliness of its products and the distinction of a manufacturing process, which is meticulously followed as to ensure perfection; from the development of the project to the selection of the materials, but also from the execution of the project to the attention and care that are paid to every single minimum detail along the way. This is how the Myyour quality came to life. A must that is always more and more appreciated on an international level and by a clientele who has witnessed the potential artistic expression of these
decorative creations. These solutions have managed to fill an empty space and are always in perfect harmony with their
outside beauty and intrinsic functionalities.