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Finial Cap

Protection Cover

Frame color

Real colours may differ slightly to the colours you see.

Fabrics Caravita

Real colours may differ slightly to the colours you see.

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Umbrella wreaths: Solid aluminum wreaths in frame color

Pole: Aluminium, Ø 50mm, Wall thickness 3mm

Stake/pole available in following finishes:
RAL 9016 traffic white
RAL 7016 dark grey
Aluminium matt anodized

Characteristic: Comfort cable with stainless steel roller blocks for easy opening and closing of the parasol

Covering: Weatherproof membrane made of acrylic awning cloth, water and dirt repellent

Shape of the parasol: rectangular

Sizes available:
2 x 3,5 Meter
2 x 4 Meter
2,5 x 3 Meter
2,5 x 3,5 Meter
2,5 x 4 Meter
3 x 3,5 Meter
3 x 4 Meter
3 x 4,5 Meter
3,5 x 4 Meter
3,5 x 4,5 Meter

Fabric finishes: See colour palette

Fabrics available:

Acrylic Awning Fabric:
100% solution dyed acrylic 285- 300g/m², water repellent up to 370mm hydrostatic head, EN 20811, water and stain resistant

Lumera Acrylic Fabric:
100% solution dyed acrylic 290g/m², water repellent up to 460 mm hydrostatic head, EN 20811, water and stain resistant

NOTE: The extra charge applies to the Acryl resp. Acryl Lumera 100% Waterproof makes and is available only in the colors shown

Further accessories: 
Flowing Volant (The transition from the roof to the valance is without a clear edge, it moves in the wind)
Anselder valance (visually an edge is formed at the transition from roof to valance, it moves less in the wind)
Wind hood (The wind hood lies on the screen, rises in the wind and thus reduces the wind attack forces)
Wind Roof (The WInddach has an additional linkage and makes the wing even more resistant to wind)
Steel plate OSLO 70x70x1cm, made of steel galvanized wirh holes for groung fixing, 42KG
Parasol base PARIS 85, size 59x59x12cm. Concrete base with 4 with notched grips and weather proof stainless steel pole fitting, 85KG
Parasol base ROM 90, size Ø 70cm. Polished granite base with notched grips on the bottom for easy transport, 90KG
Ground socket EUROPA K for setting in concrete, 25cm long (size of the foundation min. 40x40x40cm) The upper stainless tube is easily removed after removing the shade for a flush mounted sleeve
Ground socket EUROPA L for setting in concrete, 61cm long (size of the foundation min. 50x50x80cm) The upper stainless tube is easily removed after removing the shade for a flush mounted sleeve
Polyester protective cover
Stylish finiak cap comes with a powder coated finish matching the color of the frame

5 years vendor warranty

Special fabric version with fire protection certificate see under tab: fabric colors / finishes

Premium Acrylic Awning Fabric     ..... the fabric for almost every application!

Premium awning fabrics of 100% solution dyed acrylic thread offer the optimum level of wheather protection. Long lasting and reliable they shield from wind, wheather, light, heat and UV rays. Solution dyed acrylic fabric is color fast; water, stain and tear resistant.

Fabric specifications:

• UV Protection up to 98%
• Water resistant up to 360 mm hydrostatic head, EN 20811
• High color and weather fastness
• Water- and dirt-repellent
• 100% Acryl 300 g/m²


parasol-patio-umbrella-premium-acrylic-awning-fabric-caravita-waterproofed WP – also available as Waterproofed version

• water repellent up to 1000 mm hydrostatic head, EN 20811

Ferrari Precontraint 302       ..... when it comes to fire protection!

The ultimate in weather protection, this high performance fabric is PVC coated. Additionally Ferrari Precontraint 302 is water proof, stain resistant, heavy duty and fire resistant.

Fabric specifications

• PVC-coated polyester fabric
• 100% water proof
• Dirt repellent
• Fire resistant (B1 according to DIN 4102)
• Highly color-fast, min. 7 according to DIN EN ISO 105-B02
• Weight 480 g/m²

Price on request!

Parasol Samara with Comfortable Crank Mechanism

Invite all of your friends, because the Samara patio umbrella will welcome your guests in the shade! With its streamlined and elegant look, the modern parasol quickly becomes the center of your garden, patio or pool area. Even its largest versions are opened and closed amazingly easy using the convenient and removable crank handle made of stainless steel. When the commercial patio umbrella is open, its colorful canopy provides up to 258 ft² of shade for you and your guests.

Unbelievable easy to open

With the removable crank handle made of stainless steel, the Samara patio umbrella can be opened almost without any effort. Even for seniors and children it’s possible open the parasol. Remove the crank to secure the patio umbrella against unauthorized opening and closing.

The Hub – The Heart of every Patio Umbrella

The central hub is the core of every parasol. It’s also the component exposed to the greatest loads as all of the struts of the shade converge at this location. Samara Classic is equipped with highly resilient and UV-stabilized plastic hubs. They are white or dark grey, depending on the color of the frame. The Samara Plus patio umbrella comes with hubs made of massive aluminum with a powder coating finish matching the color of the frame.

Solid aluminum Frame with Double-Layer-Power-Struts

CARAVITA patio umbrellas are built with particularly strong masts and struts. The Samara parasol has a Ø 2″ mast (3 mm wall thickness) and 30 x 15 x 2 mm Double-Layer-Power-Struts with additional interior reinforcements. The frame of the parasol is available in white RAL 9016, anthracite grey RAL 7016 or silver anodized. Many more colors are available at an additional fee

Longevity and Comfort

It’s the inner values which count. Most conventional sunshades use the simple technology of ropes and pulleys, but not Samara. The internal workings of this patio umbrella are all based on a reliable and smooth running spindle lift system with the spindle made of stainless steel. That’s the reason why even after many years, the parasol works as easy as on the day it was bought.

Closes above tables and seating

Tables, chairs and decoration can stay where they are when you close the Samara patio umbrella. That’s because of the integrated telescopic system which enlongates the mast when you close the parasol. A must for hotels and restaurants, a nice to have in private gardens or patios.

CARAVITA® is known to be one of the leading brands for high-grade sunshades and sunsails, as well as for products which are famous for their high quality, innovative functions and countless design options.

To ensure this high quality, only accurately manufactured, high-grade materials are used in production. Aluminum and stainless steel are the basis of the engineering. They provide toughness and longevity.

Ingenious mechanisms provide for comfortable and easy handling even with big umbrellas.

The Premium fabrics are weather resistant, with colors which do not fade even after many years. And the products are handcrafted by responsible and qualified professionals.

Above that, the CARAVITA®-System provides an incredible number of design options which make every shade unique:

Six different shade models with various specifications to choose from are available. Frame finishes are either  high-gloss stainless steel optic, silver anodized or powder-coating in one of over 200 RAL classic finishes.

And over 80 fabric-colors can be combined with more than 30 braided bindings to get a unique canopy.

This way every shade is custom made to your wishes.

The combination of design options, quality and comfort make CARAVITA®-shades what they are: reliable companions on hot summer days, which you will enjoy for many years.